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       Welcome to the Story of The Mountain of Miracles

Everyone & Everything has a Story..To Tell...

       The Mountain of Miracles started out as a well-crafted fictional story about a grandfather and grandson who journeyed on daily pilgrimages in search of herbal medicine for the grandfather's sickness. This story was originally written under the title, The Prophetic Artist, in the Pocono Mountains located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  It was the first authored book by the writer (Cleous G. Young). This book was inspired from a special love poem, titled The Prophetic Artist. Hence, the original foundation (February 1st 2001) of The Mountain of Miracles stems from the root of LOVE.  

       Over the years, the Prophetic Artist has seen its transition from a thought, to a love poem, to a paperback book, and in its greatest evolution, to an interactive CD-ROM. This CD-ROM was created under the new title of The Mountain of Miracles in November 2008 in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The idea to turn the paperback into an interactive CD-ROM came from parent’s feedback; many children were not able to read the story due to reading illiteracy.  

       To help counteract the problem of missing out on a great story, The Mountain of Miracles interactive CD-ROM was created. The EBOOK was intended for children that were able to read and the Audio Version was intended for the children who were not able to read, along with children that are visually impaired. However, the author felt strongly that there were more to it than not just being able to read. As a fourth grade classroom teacher, he realized that it took different elements to get the same message across to the same group of students. Thus, the Song, Poem, and Puzzle were added to the CD-ROM as other elements that might help a child to learn. Another aspect that was taken into consideration was that not every child who interacts with the CD-ROM would be intrigued with the story or learn from the story. This is heavily dependent on the child’s focus strategy and learning ability (what keeps the child’s focus is what will help to open up their ability to learn).  Therefore, the CD-ROM is more valuable than just a story that can be read, but a package with different elements aimed towards getting the focus of the child in order to help open up his/her  ability to learn. 

         Similar to the main characters of the story that searched for herbal medicine for the grandfather’s sickness, Mr. Young, searched for unconventional ways to teach that can be beneficial in the education of a child. Today, The Mountain of Miracles theme is “Helping to Open Up the Limits of the Mind.” In this theme, different elements are combined to form an educational tool for the children of today and tomorrow. 

         It is a journey of Faith, Love, Dedication, Trials, Focus, Spontaneity, Perseverance, Commitment, Darkness, Light, Denials, Integrity, Will-Power, Friendship, Family, and the obstacles of many other mountainous situations that have made the Mountain of Miracles what it is today. If there is no Test, there will be no Testimony. Therefore, it is a story that is cultivated within a ten-year journey that has finally found its Purpose, helping our children to overcome their educational mountain so they can become who they desire to BE. This is, their Miracle. Hence, the acronym M.O.M. fits it perfectly. It is a MOM on 24-hour duty to help the children see their purpose and value in EDUCATION.  This is the story of The Mountain of Miracles, also known as The MOM.


---The Prophetic Artist---

 The news spread around town

That there was an artist

That could prophesize your future through his painting

  I made it my point of duty to see such person

  I sat down in front of him and watched him

 As he took quick glances at me and slowly painted my future.


And from that day forward

Every time I look at you

I reminisce about the picture he painted

 And realized that

You and me being together is a prophecy that came true

And that’s one of the reasons I love you so much.

                                                                                                  To: Tanisha

                                                                                                  Fr: Cleous

                                                                   Love U 4 Ever